Rebecca Davidson

I remember the first time my grandmother and I went for an early morning walk through my neighborhood in California. She pointed out the architecture, the landscaping, the year certain styles became fashionable- and in some cases, the family that used to live there and how they were connected in the community. Maybe to some other thirteen-year old, the stories would have bored them to death but for me it was a fascinating step back into time. I loved imagining the families that lived and loved the homes we were discussing, I loved thinking about what the world was going through during that snapshot in history.

Fast forward about 30 years. I’ve been married for 18 years and we have 3 gorgeous kids. In the years since my walks with my grandmother, I’ve tried so many different avenues to keep my inquisitive nature busy while doing my best to be a wife and mother. I’ve been a wedding and family photographer, taught Zumba, sang in bands, painted murals and had my own team of consultants under me when I sold emergency preparation products. I loved all of it and feel like it’s been a great education in business and how to best interact with my customers. I learned that they sought for honesty, good value and a dependable salesperson above anything else. As your realtor, I firmly believe that you deserve to have an enjoyable experience buying or selling your home while you get the best price possible.   I aim to make sure that happens. I am incredibly impressed with 8z and love being a part of this team of genuinely good professionals. Thank you for taking the time to read a little about me, now- I’d love to meet you!